MAHLE Aftermarket is expanding its range to include practical service units and services relating to maintenance and service, and is thus taking another step towards becoming a full-service and solutions provider to the repair shop.

MAHLE Service Solutions: your repair shop partner

To increase comfort, safety, and efficiency, vehicle technologies are becoming ever more complex. At the same time, also the demands on service and maintenance assistance are growing. In order to perform the work both professionally and safely, repair shops need to have the convenient devices —and the corresponding knowledge to use them.

MAHLE Service Solutions leverages the expertise of MAHLE’s numerous business divisions - development partner and original equipment supplier, innovation leader and supplier of test and diagnosis systems for the automotive industry, support in the management of maintenance through the supply of quality spare parts - to offer the market innovative garage equipment tools and complete solutions for the professional maintenance vehicles.


MAHLE has made quality (understood as quality of products, processes and company systems,) one of its working principles.
Therefore, great importance has been put on the requirements of the company’s quality system and the role that the quality department plays in it.

Quality Policy by MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions [PDF; 550 KB]

All the processes have ISO9001:2015 certification. [PDF; 351 KB]

All of MAHLE’s production activities are compliant with the legal provisions and technical standards applicable to the following areas:

  • quality guarantee
  • user safety
  • accident prevention and worker protection

The task of guaranteeing adherence to the quality requirements placed on every single product and process falls to the Quality department of MAHLE Service Solutions, which monitors the entire production chain.

Starting from our suppliers, who are subject to a careful selection procedure and periodic monitoring of their performance, through to the release of the finished product onto the market, which occurs only if the final control (carried out on 100% of production) has a positive result.

Working according to Quality requirements also means that any anomalies pointed out by our customers or areas of dissatisfaction are immediately dealt with by the Quality Department, which puts the pertinent internal procedures in motion to quickly solve the problems identified and prevent their repetition.
Our aim is to continuously guarantee customer satisfaction.

The work of the quality department does not therefore stop at the mere control of a product or process, but extends to the fast and efficient solving of any anomalies detected at any point in the production chain, from the supplier to the end user.
To this end, the product and components identification and traceability system plays a fundamental role, enabling us to delimit and pinpoint the origin of any anomaly, univocally identify the causes and take quick corrective, effective and efficient measures.