FluidPRO® for automatic transmission servicing

FluidPRO® ATX 150 | ATX 180 User-friendly design and state-of-the-art technology

  • Highest level of purity: No contamination of the oil, ensured by two pumps, separate oil circuits, and an automated cleaning process
  • Ecological: Zero Cross – a fast program facilitates safe, convenient oil type changes with the highest purity
  • Economical: Database – the intelligent database quickly provides detailed information on the relevant vehicle specifications and service information, such as oil type, fill level, adapter, and filter
  • Efficient: Complete – the simple and intuitive interface guides you quickly and comprehensively though the automated service process
  • Almost 100% fluid replacement with each use
  • Clear indication of oil quality and transmission oil pressure during the service
  • Precise control of flushing quantity with the double weighing principle
  • Change oil types easily with the removable oil tanks
  • A service time of just 5 to 15 minutes
  • Hose connections are checked automatically and adjusted to the direction of flow before every service – no need to change this annually any more
  • Checks the temperature of the transmission oil automatically: The flushing process starts automatically as soon as the oil has reached the correct temperature
  • Dipstick mode: Alternative oil change method via the oil guide pipe
  • Integrated process for removing the oil pan and changing the transmission oil filter