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Thanks to the adoption of CPC technology - Condensation Particle Counter - BRAIN BEE offers the market an extremely innovative product ready to adapt to all the evolutions and scenarios that mayoccur in the coming years. This, combined with special care in the choice of materials and sensors, makes the PMU 400 the most versatile and interesting Particulate Counter of the moment.

The Particulate

Particulate emitted from the latest in?ternal combustion engines (both diesel and petrol) have a negative impact on air quality and health. Vehicles with a partic?ulate filter that is not in perfect condition (tampered or broken), emits high con?centrations of nanoparticles. These can easily enter the human body through the breath and the long-term effects of expo?sure to these particles are alarming.

The single nano-particle has a size at least 100 times smaller than the wave?length of visible light, so they're so small that cannot be counted o measured with traditional opacimeters

CPC Technology

MAHLE has chosen to adopt the CPC - Condensation Particle Countertechnology, which in addition to being particularly robust, allows high measurement accuracy even at low concentrations (difficult to obtain with other technologies). This allows to dilute the sample coming from the exhaust pipe, with clean air (free of particulates) up to 200 times, in order to limit the deposition of particulate and dirt in the most delicate parts of the instrument (laser-scattering measuring bench), and to obtain long service intervals and simple maintenance operations. PMU 400 is a particularly reliable instrument in measuring, while not giving up on the great ease of use by the operator.

Finally, this technology makes it possible to face the future evolutions of the anti-pollution regulations, which will require more stringent limits and greater measurement accuracy, as it will be easy to adapt the device, also thanks to the software developed by MAHLE.

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