Exhaust gas analyser

BMU 688

The BMU 688 gas analyser can work both statically and dynamically, by sampling emissions at the exhaust pipe using the supplied probe designed for this purpose. With the intuitive operator panel, users have all the functions of the exhaust gas analyser at their fingertips, and can easily swap from independent measurements to the legally specified test. The BMU 688 features six backlit LCD units, which display the readings of ongoing tests. When analysis is complete, the user can print out the test result straight away or send it to a connected computer.

Pneumatic assembly:
The integrated condensate separator is drop-forged to prevent any hindrance to the gas flow and reduce maintenance times. Its special design facilitates the continuous drainage of condensate that forms in the separator. The separation filter has two parts: a net filter and a coalescing filter. In addition to the gas and air inlet for the autozero phase, the BMU 688 also features another special inlet for calibration using a gas sample cylinder. The rear side of the unit features connections for the supply, for measuring revolutions and temperature either wired or wirelessly, and a wired or wireless connection to a PC.

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Key features

The BMU 688 was developed as our basic exhaust gas analyser model. However, thanks to our large range of connectible accessories, it can take on a lot of additional functions without problem:

  • The rev counter is incorporated, and an inductance clamp meter, capacitance clamp meter or MGT-300 EVO (via bluetooth) can also be bluetooth connected (wireless module optional)
  • Connection to a PC is achieved via the RS-232 cable, USB or the BT-100 Bluetooth module.
  • The BMU 688 enables connection to the opacimeter via the OMNIBUS port. In this case, the analyser converts into a smoke indicator for diesel engines.

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