FluidPRO® ATX 280

New design for the FluidPRO® line, which thanks to the large Touch display and the adoption of a new graphical interface, allows the operator to make even easier and automatic any operation of the oil flow automatic transmission.

The database and the step-by-step process are integrated into the software. The station allows the automatic detection of the direction of the oil flow in the transmission and prevents any damage to the system.

The WiFi connection allows constant updates and remote assistance (Re.Solve), as well as the ability to print the final report directly from your workshop PC (Nexus Print).

The dedicated App increases productivity in the workshop, allowing the operator to move freely, keeping under control all the phases in progress.

Interchangeable tank for quick replacement of oil types and guarantee of purity through an internal washing process (Zero-cross-Contamination). Available from Janaury 2022!

More informations for the right choice of transmission filters can be found here

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Key features

  • 7” touch screen LCD display
  • New design, same family feeling as MAHLE stations
  • New GUI, even easier to use
  • WiFi connection
  • App for remote display

Technical data

Control Automatic, Software-assisted with 7“ Color Touch Display
New oil filter 90µ mesh filter
Sight glasses Visual inspection of oil quality
Dipstick function Integrated with hoses ø6mm and ø10mm
Zero-cross-contamination Circuit cleaning function after oil type change
Hoses 2 x 3 m (service hoses), 1 x 1.5 m (for draining the waste oil)
BOOST function ntegrated
Service report print function Via WiFi (NEXUS print) or USB export
Top grid With A/T adapters tray
Oil pump 2 X hydraulic oil pumps of 10 l/min each; PWM-controlled
Menu languages 15 different languages
Power supply 110/230 V, 50-60Hz
Service and Software Update Via WiFi connection, Re.Solve function via WiFi
Smartphone App FluidPRO® ATX Remote Viewer
Dimensions/ weight (H x L x W) 120 x 74 x 74 cm, 62 kg

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Info Brochure: Oil Service

Info Brochure: Oil Service [PDF; 1561 KB]