Our diagnostic tools are still at the heart of our product portfolio. Thanks to our many years of experience and ongoing investment in design, usability and regular updates to our databases, our vehicle autodiagnostic tools can run all diagnostic processes that are currently possible for vehicle electronic systems.

The key features of our diagnostic tools:

  • Comprehensive market coverage
  • In-house software development
  • Ongoing software updates to download from the internet
  • Unlimited initial licence, optional update licences
  • Troubleshooting guides (optional)
  • PASS-THRU feature
  • Wide range of software packages for special applications
  • High compatibility with a range of operating systems
  • High security standards for internet connections
  • Spare parts identification (optional)

  • Your MAHLE Aftermarket contact persons are available for the sale of Autodiagnosis
    For further information, please contact: info.aftermarket@mahle.com

Autodiagnosis line