Authoring Tool for Vehicle Test Sequences

The MAHLE Visual Authoring Tool (VAT) allows users to author vehicle test sequences. This tool creates a binary for the MAHLE runtime to execute the author’s business logic. Through the GUI, various building blocks can be built on each other to create fully configurable flow charts and sequences.



  • ODX 2.2 Compliant
  • Highly efficient vehicle diagnostics data creation and management tool
  • Manage vehicle options, variants, and exceptions
  • Server based implementation supports multiple concurrent users
  • Off-line authoring with server side check-in and check-out
  • Easy to author test sequences
  • Oracle database provides speed, reporting, data integrity checking and data normalization
  • Screen utility to create screens for application flow (actual runtime screens can then be created in HTML)
  • Output data size for large OEM published content is less than 10MB
  • Multiple languages management with Unicode compliance

Product Specifications

Software Requirements Oracle (10G & 12C) and/or Windows

Hardware Requirements Depends on the expected workload