Where can I get a new Operation Manual?

Operation Manuals can be viewed and downloaded for printing at no cost. Hard copies can be purchased by calling MAHLE Service Solutions at 800-468-2321.

Why does my machine shut off or work really slow when I try to fill the internal cylinder from an auxiliary cylinder of clean refrigerant?

The auxiliary cylinder will cool due to the vaporization of refrigerant. This causes the pressure to decrease. Place the auxiliary cylinder in a bucket of hot water or use a heat belt (available from RTI) to increase the speed of recycling. Also refer to instructions for using the FSC-to-ACME Adapter.

Why won't the compressor come on but the low side gauge has pressure showing?

Check the purge gauge (contamination monitor) and make sure that the pressure is correct for the ambient temperature. If it is not then refer to the operation manual for instructions on how to purge the unit or call tech support.

Why won't the machine do a fill during the Fill Cylinder Process?

There are two reasons why this might be happening. The first reason is that the yellow hose may not be connected properly. The proper way to connect the yellow hose is to make sure that the anti-blowback valve is connected to the Fill Cylinder port and not to the external tank of refrigerant. The second reason that would cause the Fill Cylinder Process not to work is that the internal tank pressure is greater than the external tank pressure. To overcome this situation try putting a heat belt on the external tank or put the external tank into a container of warm water. The heat belt or warm water will create a higher pressure which will help the refrigerant go into the internal tank. If there is no access to a heat belt or a container of warm water then recycle the refrigerant into the machine. Also refer to instructions for using the FSC-to-ACME Adapter.

Can an R12 machine be converted to 134a?

R12 machines can be converted to 134a if the serial number on the unit is 4200 or higher and the unit was manufactured before 2008. For those machines there is a conversion kit that can be purchased through a distributor or service center and then installed. The kit comes with everything necessary to do the conversion. Please call Tech Support if you need a part number or need help locating the serial number.

Why won't my A/C Recycling Machine pull into a deep vacuum?

The A/C Recycling Machine must FIRST shut off in a vacuum and HOLD the vacuum for at least two minutes during the recovery mode. The vacuum process will not run until this happens due to a low pressure switch in the unit not being activated. Turn the A/C Recycling Machine to the recycle mode and allow it to pull down and shut off automatically if the low side gauge indicates a positive pressure or is at zero. Make sure the vacuum is stable for two minutes and then start the deep vacuum.

I'm going to install a new compressor in my A/C machine - are there special instructions?