TechPRO Software Updates

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ArcticPRO Software Updates

MAHLE is pleased to announce new A/C software upgrades with the following improvements:

New Features

  • Additional capabilities for charging to both high and low sides of a vehicle A/C system
  • Improved field calibration procedures
  • Improved reminder functionality when the combo filter is nearing end of life
  • Adjustable vacuum leak test settings in the default settings of setup
  • On High Voltage enabled units, a separate screen is provided to indicate current oil type selection and allow for easy transition to the high voltage flushing routine (does not include RHS980 or ACX1180)
  • Password protection to help prevent casual users from changing critical machine settings
  • Addition of ECO Lock quick coupler functionality to minimize refrigerant loss

Added Performance and Increased Unit Reliability

  • Improved system functionality to minimize oil intake during recovery
  • Improved safety features requiring operator to power down the unit if errors occur during high pressure incidents
  • Improvements to compressor reliability, charging process, and oil drain process
  • Vacuum pump pause option removed for units that do not include a micron sensor
  • Power management to improve reliability of key solenoids
  • RHS and ACX Series have provisions for integrated heater belt installation for enhancement of charging performance during low ambient conditions (P/N 360 82905 00)

Please reach out to our Technical Support Team for additional information at 800-468-2321 or

Image of MAHLE's ArcticPRO 1180 with dials and screen for navigation.
MAHLE ArcticPRO ACX-1180


MAHLE product label which provides the unit serial number neccessary for software updates.

In order to upgrade your AC equipment. You MUST HAVE the following items:

1. Your unit serial number: This is a 15 digit number located on a silver sticker on the back of your machine.

2. USB Flash drive: If you own one of the AC database drives you can use this for the upgrade. You can also utilize a newer jump or flash drive that you have available. We cannot guarantee that all drives will be compatible with our equipment. If you download the files to a drive that is not compatible with our equipment, you can transfer the files to another available drive.

*Kits are available for purchase if you cannot upgrade your machine from this download. Please call us at 1.800.468.2321 for more information on purchasing a compatible jump-drive with the software needed for your machine.

3. Valid email address: We will update your warranty records with your email address to assist in future communication. This email address will only be used by MAHLE Service Solutions. to reach out to you for customer service communications and will not be sold or distributed to a third party.

ACX2120H / AC438 Software Update Instructions

ACX2120H / AC438 units can be updated quickly and easily via the USB port on the side of the machine and a flash drive. Follow the steps in these instructions [PDF; 439 KB].