LogiqPRO® Testing Solutions

MAHLE's LogiqPRO product line offers our customers a wide variety of turn-key options to develop and deploy Vehicle End-of-Line Test System for plants and Diagnostic Tool chain for workshops and service bays. Over 30 million vehicles at 50 plants and over 10,000 workshops globally are tested and diagnosed using MAHLE's LogiqPRO product line. With over 100,000 combined instances of our Service Logiq and Test Logiq runtimes, LogiqPRO is a firmly proven and industrialized product line that our customers can depend on, for their everyday mission critical tasks.

LogiqPRO is industry compliant ranging from J2534 API to ODX 2.2 Data Format. Speed, performance and ability to manage intense vehicle data complexity is at the heart of how LogiqPRO adds value to our customers and technicians.

The core components of the LogiqPRO product line are listed below: