DataLogiq3 (DL3), Industry Leading Portable Tester for Vehicle Testing

The DataLogiq3 is a small integrated computing device intended for "set it and forget it" electrical testing and module programming in vehicle assembly plants. DataLogiq3 comprises of a power efficient standard form factor Atom-based single board computer (SBC) along with MAHLE's DataWorks (DW) vehicle communications interface (VCI) and an intelligent power management board (IPMB) with location-aware intelligence.


  • Location self-awareness to auto start tests when in station
  • Visual plant location tracking of every unit on a central server
  • Fully integrated PC that can run current MAHLE tests/applications
  • On board MAHLE DataWorks VCI
  • Integrated CAN monitor for analyzing ECU message link traffic.
  • High capacity microSD card for link traffic. Easily removable or can be wirelessly uploaded
  • Extremely low sleep current with active power management
  • No batteries to replace
  • Light weight and a small form factor in a ruggedized package
  • Docking station with power, USB, and Ethernet connections
  • Configurable steering wheel hooks and carrying strap
  • Integrated visual, audible, and wireless alerting
  • Remote central device management via MAHLE’s AdminLogiq software (remotely push software/calibration updates, pull files, see device hardware status)

Product Specifications

Input Voltage 6 to 30 volts DC

Current Consumption Sleep: 50 mA @12 VDC; Max Operational: 2 A @12 VDC

Power Source Vehicle Battery, Built in UltraCapacitors (24 V @ 150 Farads), External DC Power Supply

Operating Temperature -40° to +122°F (-40º to +50ºC)

Humidity 10 to 95% RH

Dimensions (L x H x W) 14” x 5.8” x 7.5” (357.5mm x 147.5mm x 189mm)

Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5Kg)

Enclosure Black Polycarbonate Enclosure

Memory 128 GB SSD, 16 GB microSD (removable), 4GB RAM

Processor 1.6 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom

External Connectors / Interfaces (1x) 19 pin Amphenol connector for the vehicle diagnostic cable connection, (2x) USB 2.0 host connections, (1x) Docking Station Connector

Operator I/O Input (7x) high life, color-coded, membrane push buttons for start/abort , on screen options, and barcode scanner trigger; Output: ECU programming voltage output; 2-D Imager Barcode Scanner (optional)

Display 5” TFT LCD touchscreen monitor

Status Indicators 2 Digit Runtime Counter When Running On UltraCapacitors (Red); 7 Status Indicators for: Scanner Power (Green), Bluetooth (Blue), Wifi (Green), Solid State Drive Activity (Red), Flash Memory Activity (Red), Vehicle Connection (Blue), Test In Progress (Yellow), Test Pass (Green), Test Fail (Red)

Vehicle Network Interfaces (3x) dual wire CAN channels with 1 fault tolerant CAN channel; (2x) ISO9141 channels (K&L supported)

Plant Interface 802.11a/b/g/n /AC dual band 2.4/5 GHz with Cisco Compatible Extensions support; Bluetooth 4.0

Certifications/Tested Standards CE, IP62

DL3 Power Management Station

The DataLogiq3 docking station is a small add-on peripheral that quickly adds expanded I/O and debugging capability while charging the unit 2x faster than via the car’s OBD plug.


  • Quick Connection – Just set the DL3 on the dock, no cables or connectors to deal with
  • Secure Connection – ball-spring features allow firm positioning of the tester, but allows the user to just grab the tester and pull to release it from the dock
  • Status Indicators – 2 indicators on the front of the unit quickly lets you know if the dock is powered and if the DL3 is connected properly or not
  • Extra I/O – quickly adds 3 more USB ports and a wired Ethernet port
  • Quick Charging – Unit will charge ~2x faster on the dock since it is powered with 24 volts versus 12 on the car
  • Secure Mounting – Dock comes with 4 mounting tabs to securely mount the dock to a table to prevent movement
  • Remote Debugging – 1 RJ11 and 1 microUSB connection allows for the unit to remotely reprogrammed or debugged in the field if necessary…no need to open the case.
  • Adjustable and Replaceable Ball Springs – The ball springs are easily adjustable and replaceable with just a flat head screwdriver to allow for preferred DL3 snap lock feel.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage 24-28 volts DC (dock itself), 85-240 volts AC (dock’s power supply)

Current Consumption Max Operational: 1.5 A @ 120 VAC

Operating Temperature  -40° to +122°F (-40° to +50°C)

Humidity 10 to 95% RH;

Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.6" x 4.7" x 2.3" (142mm x 120mm x 58mm)

Weight 1 lb (0.45Kg)

Enclosure Black ABS top with Aluminum base

External Connectors/Interfaces (1x) RJ45 Ethernet jack; (3x) USB 2.0 host connections; (1x) Docking Station Connector; (1x) microUSB debugging connector; (1x) DC Barrel power jack; (1x) RJ11 remote reprogramming jack

Status Indicators 1 Green LED to indicate the dock has power; 1 Blue LED to indicate the DL3 is connected properly to the dock and charging