AdminLogiq, a Platform to Manage MAHLE DL3 Portable Testers & Other Plant Equipment for Distributing Software Updates and Reporting

MAHLE AdminLogiq allows customers to remotely manage their testers and deploy required software. This application allows businesses to track their testers, enable or disable them, and view current status / historical errors. Companies can choose from multiple deployment options and customize file packages that allow the flexibility to support any business needs.


  • Configurable plant layouts
  • Customizable file types and packages
  • Tester and vehicle specific deployments
  • Package deployment history provides full audit of deployed software
  • Single-sign on integration for authentication
  • Open REST API supports third party applications
  • Identify lost or dead testers on the floor

Product Specifications

Server 1 CPU & 2 GB of RAM

Disk Space Varies based on the usage