Service Drive Vehicle Data Collection

MAHLE's VCI and embedded version of the ServiceLogiq runtime can provide a powerful standalone VCI functionality which can be used to read valuable vehicle information in 30 secs simply by plugging the VCI in to the OBD-II connector.

This capability is leveraged to provide a Service Drive solution where once plugged in to the vehicle, the VCI will gather information such as the VIN, Mileage, Vehicle Wide DTCs and Software Version and transfer the information to the shop information system or the DMS. Given the boot-up time of the VCI and the speed of the application, this task is typically performed in approx. 30 secs.

Such capability greatly enhances the vehicle intake process in a service drive and enables both, the Service advisor and the customer to take effective data-driven service decisions.

Additional benefit to an OEM is also the seamless process of collecting critical vehicle data every time a vehicle comes in to the service drive.