ArcticPRO® A/C Lubricant & Dye Injector R1234yf Master Kit

Allows for oil and dye to be injected when utilizing any certified R1234yf machine. Per J2843 SAE standards, this kit is the only way to inject compressor oil into an R1234yf system.


  • Compliant with J2843 standards
  • Ability to inject oil between vacuum and charge cycle (No injection for any YF machines to J2843 standards)
  • Easily identifiable hoses for each oil and dye selection to eliminate chances of cross-contamination
  • Includes labeled hoses for POE, PAG, and leak detection dye, and a SAE low side fitting for R1234yf equipped vehicles
  • Can be used ONLY with R1234yf machines

A/C Lubricant & Dye Injector R1234yf Master Kit

Part Number: 026 80707 00

Items Included in Kit


1 - Spotgun™ Injection Gun

1 - Leak Detection Dye Hose

1 - POE AC Oil Hose

1 - PAG AC Oil Hose

1 - Universal A/C Dye - 8oz

1 - PAG AC Oil - 8oz

1 - Hybrid POE AC Oil - 8oz

Kit Components


8oz Universal A/C Oil & Hybrid POE A/C Oil Bottles


Low Side Coupler


SpotGun™ Injection Gun


PAG, POE, and A/C Dye Hoses


High-Side Connections