Topology Diagnostics is designed to reduce the mean time to repair for a vehicle that fails an End of Line (EOL) test or a diagnostics test. By generating a wiring diagram on the fly of the circuits and connectors relevant to the failure(s), Topology reduces repair time by narrowing focus from complete and complex vehicle wiring system down to circuits and connectors related to the failure

Using harness data to make diagnostics more efficient

  • Simplifying the repair process from cryptic Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and binders of wiring diagrams down to a tangible location that the repairman could begin looking
  • Prioritizes the locations to be checked first based on the common connectors related to the EOL or workshop diagnostics failures
  • Learns over time by giving the repairman the ability to choose a different connector as the cause. Over time, the priority adjusts based on the feedback
  • Reports the source of the failure by using MAHLE’s reporting system to help find and fix the source of the failures
  • Uses MAHLE's existing RDBS (Repair Bay Diagnostic System) or Service Logiq (workshop diagnsotics system) to run Topology Diagnostics simply by selecting the failure of interest and click a button
  • Leverages data used to generate vehicle harnesses that is available before the vehicle build events and can be used to speed the learning curve during new vehicle launches