E-Scan: Giving a jolt to the world of electric mobility

New function E-Scan enables battery diagnostics

MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions is the first on the market to launch a dedicated function for electric traction in addition to its extensive diagnostic development plan for hybrid and electric vehicles. E-Scan is the new section that enriches MAHLE TechPRO® and BRAIN BEE CONNEX diagnostic tools and enables a real scan of the electrical system to assess the relevant parameters. Already with the first release, it is possible to monitor the status of the battery pack, which can be reported in a specific printable report. However, E-Scan is part of an ongoing development project and further releases will be issued in the future to further enrich its contents.

A battery diagnostic check is necessary both for maintaining and repairing electric vehicles and for determining their residual value. The new battery diagnostic function will be installed on MAHLE and BRAIN BEE diagnostic tools in workshops with the update released at the end of March.

MAHLE TechPRO® / BRAIN BEE CONNEX recognizes all error codes within an average time of 30 seconds. The Linux-based system communicates with all the modules fitted in the vehicle and responds to over 54,000 detailed OEM error code descriptions. It stores all the data protocols locally, thus offering subsequent output if required, without having to reconnect to the vehicle.

The robust touch screen provides for simple, intuitive operation of the diagnostic system—from the current vehicle status to guided troubleshooting through to relevant component coding. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, regular software updates are carried out automatically via the Internet so that TechPRO® / CONNEX is always up-to-date.

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