NitroPRO® NTF-515B from MAHLE Service Solutions offers your shop additional selling features of better fuel economy, longer tire life and increased safety to motorists.

How Nitrogen Works

Nitrogen is a larger molecule than oxygen

  • Nitrogen cannot escape as easily through porous (rubber) material resulting in tires that maintain good tire pressure longer

Nitrogen is safe and stable

  • Nitrogen filled tires are safer and last longer
  • Nitrogen-inflated tires improve vehicle handling through proper inflation and consistently maintained pressure
  • Nitrogen is an inert, non-combustible and non-flammable gas; adversely, Oxygen is flammable and would fuel an automobile fire if one were to occur

Nitrogen is cost effective

  • Nitrogen maintains more constant pressure with temperature fluctuations which decreases rolling resistance and increases fuel economy
  • Nitrogen is a dry gas with no corrosive properties as found in compressed air
  • Nitrogen reduces premature aging of tires due to moisture