TestLogiq Manufacturing Diagnostic Software: Fast, Efficient and Reliable Vehicle Testing in Manufacturing

Customers who use TestLogiq have greatly reduced their resources needed to meet their ever increasing vehicle testing needs. Our TestLogiq manufacturing diagnostic software along with our best-in-class DataWorks Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) hardware can complete over 250 system checks in less than 2 minutes at our EOL test stations.

MAHLE's TestLogiq tool suite includes the Visual Authoring Tool (VAT), an easy graphical test authoring environment that allows the customer to be diagnostic experts without having to be software experts. VAT creates a compact data file for the use by our TestLogiq diagnostic software which is the PC based executable run-time software that interfaces and communicates to your manufacturing plant local area network, test equipment, PLCs and vehicle.

MAHLE's TestLogiq Tool Suite allows your engineers to develop optimized test strategies rather than develop software code.


  • Modular system architecture for fast and parallel test execution
  • Comprehensive test playback functionality
  • Screen interface is a configurable "container" for components
  • Ability to "inhibit" tests on-the-fly
  • Universal debug tools such as link trace data analysis
  • Fast test execution with intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration with plant quality systems
  • Allows function-level step-through for debugging test concerns
  • Numerous screen components to allow easy customization
  • Provides detailed review of previous test results
  • Prevents unsafe execution of downstream tests upon failure