MAHLE NanoKernel is a version of the TechPRO® Diagnostic Scan Tool for remote diagnostic application. The TechPRO® NanoKernel (MNK) will reside embedded on-board a host devices memory.

When connected to the vehicle, the MNK will discover the particular vehicle and pass requested PID information to the hardware setting up access for that vehicle. Once automatic setup occurs, MNK will accept send/recieve function requests to provide requested PID’s, output controls and data requests.


  • Minimum amount of code needed to run the TechPRO diagnostic functions
  • Extremely small and able to run on RTOS devices
  • Runs simplified, vehicle specific diagnostics
  • Leverages MAHLE’s full diagnostic database for operation
  • Can be embedded on tiny devices to run functions
  • Built for memory resource constrained solutions
  • Uses MAHLE Vehicle Authoring Tool for data management and authoring
  • Uses TechPRO Diagnostic System for faster vehicle validation

Product Specifications

Voltage Temp. Dimensions Weight All are customer provided

Requirements The J1962 connector on device is the only physical requirement needed

PC Connection USB 2.0 or greater, Bluetooth Class 1 or 2, serial and cellular connection supported

Memory Space Requirements 100Kb average

Operator I/O Generic and proprietary PIDs - Data and output controls with services model