MAHLE MicroKernel is a version of the TechPRO® Diagnostic Scan Tool for remote diagnostic applications. The TechPRO® MicroKernel (MMK) Runtime can reside embedded on-board a host devices memory.

The MMK can perform functions (ie. search and discover, collect data, perform logic operations..etc.) and pass relevant information to a host device memory. The MMK can take over hardware operation for a device, perform a function, and hand back off to the host device OS.

In remote vehicle diagnostic applications with internet access, code lists can be removed from the micro-kernel reducing MMK size by 70%. Only strings for navigation and module selection are needed for operation. All makes and models covered in our database are available in a single deliverable package.

Estimated size based on engineering estimates = 20-30 Mb


  • Near minimum amount of code needed to run the TechPRO Diagnostic functions
  • Specific vehicle discovery without server interaction
  • Extremely efficient code, extremely small file size for operation
  • Uses MAHLE Vehicle Authoring Tool for data management and authoring
  • Uses TechPRO Diagnostic System for faster vehicle validation
  • Can be used in vehicle diagnostics, telematics and alternative market or device applications to perform diagnostics
  • Compatible with IoT implementations

Product Specifications

Voltage Temp. Dimensions Weight All are customer provided

Requirements The J1962 connector on device is the only physical requirement needed

PC Connection USB 2.0 or greater, Bluetooth Class 1 or 2, Serial and cellular connections supported

Memory Space Requirements 30Mb average

Operator I/O Generic and proprietary PIDs - Data and output controls with services model