VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System

Part Number: 420 80004 00


  • Fast. Can complete a 40-quart oil change in approximately 15 minutes.
  • Built Solid. All steel construction, our smallest footprint oil change system.
  • Fully Pneumatic. No electric connection needed.
  • Truly Mobile. Can be rolled easily from bay to bay, can be vehicle mounted for off-site oil changes.
  • Clean, No-Mess Operation. Utilizes patented "spill-free" quick disconnect drain fittings for less mess and zero spill - no oil drain pans needed.
  • Less Down Time. More time for your trucks on the road.
  • Sampler Port. Easily capture a good sample every time.
  • Portable. Easily moveable for on-site or off-site use.
  • Easy to Use. Features integrated pistol-grip oil dispenser.
  • Reduce Time & Labor Costs. Simple process, eliminates operator contact with oil, allows technician to perform other tasks while machine is operating.
  • Pre-Lubed Engine. Less wear on engine.
  • Instant Oil Pressure. Upon restart, eliminates bearing burn to improve engine life; engine gets a "Hot Start". Requires only connections to air supply, fresh oil under pressure and waste oil tank.

VOX-14HD Product Details

Product Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 48 in x 26 in x 28 in (122 cm x 66 cm x 321 cm)

Weight 100 lb (45 kg) dry

Service Time 40 quart service in 15 minutes

Air Supply 125 PSIG @ 6 SCFM

Fresh Oil Supply Min 300 PSIG / Max 500 PSIG

Tank Capacity 14 gal

Storage Tank 14 gal

Metered Oil Dispenser Integrated pistol grip, dispense in quarts or liters

Hoses 15 ft suction, 15 ft fill,

Tires 3 in single front, 10 in hard rubber

Construction Powder coated, all steel

Warranty 1 Year

Flyer & Operation Manual

VOX-14HD Operation Manual [PDF; 2044 KB]

VOX-14HD Flyer [PDF; 292 KB]

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