FluidPRO® Fuel Priming Systems

The EFP-150HD Portable Fuel Priming System is revolutionary in that it dramatically reduces your labor time and costs. When your trucks run out of fuel and the fuel lines fill with air and you need to prime the fuel system to restart, this unit provides a quick, easy method to get the job done - keeping your vehicles out of the shop and on the road.


  • Unit primes in seconds with and without a module, getting drivers back on the road and reducing down time.
  • Significantly reduces roadside exposure - increasing driver safety.
  • All steel construction.
  • Resettable fuel meter for billing the customer after fuel transfer.
  • Clean. No need to handle fluid.
  • Portable. Easily moveable for on-site or off-site use.
  • Tank sweeps remove water and sediments from fuel tanks.
  • Primes after fuel loss, and uses vehicle's 12 Volt power supply to operate machine.
  • Primes after filter service. Primes fuel system after filter change.

Portable Fuel Priming System

Model Name: EFP-150HD | Part Number: 410 80009 00

Product Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 33 in x 12 in x 10 in (84 cm x 30 cm x 25cm)

Weight 37 lb (17 kg)

Motor 12 Volt / 20 Amp DC

Pump 4 GPM @ 20 PSIG

Power Supply Electric, 12 ft power cord with clamps

Fuel Meter Digital resettable meter

Hoses 15 ft suction, 12 ft discharge (with attached Compucheck fitting and fuel dispenser

Draw Tube 30 in tube for fuel tanks with anti-siphon fuel tanks

Construction Powder coated, all steel

Warranty 1 Year

Flyer & Operation Manual

EFP-150HD Operation Manual [PDF; 864 KB]

EFP-150HD Flyer [PDF; 285 KB]

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