STEP 1: Install BLUE-J using the following link. BLUE-J Download.

STEP 2: Open BLUE-J upon download.

STEP 3: Select "Create New Account" and complete the sign up information to start your free trial.

STEP 4: If you already have an account, select "Login Account" and login with your existing username and password.

NOTE: If you forgot your password, use the 'Forgot Password' button to send yourself a reset password email.

STEP 5: On the BLUE-J homepage, select "Settings/Subscription".

STEP 6: Select "Manage Subscription" in the left hand navigation bar.

STEP 7: Select the 'Edit' button to the left of your BLUE-J subscription.

Two options are listed either "Buy a Subscription" or "Apply an Activation Code".

STEP 9: To activate a new activation code that you received in your email, select 'Click Here' under the 'Apply an Activation Code' section on the right hand side.

STEP 10: To purchase and enter a promo code, select "Buy a Subscription" and skip to step 12.

STEP 11: In the empty field, enter the activation code that you received in your email. Repeat this process for each activation code you received.

Note: Adding multiple activation codes will add onto each other, they will not run at the same time.

STEP 12: Select the subscription option you would like to purchase. Enter payment details.

NOTE: If you have a promo code, enter it in the promo code field and select "Apply". The subscription option attached to that code will appear as an option in the list below.

STEP 13: If you have already entered the activation code, you will see an error message appear as shown in the image to the right. If this occurs and you have not used the activation code already, please reach out to for assistance.