1. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

MAHLE offers an extensive trial period as well as online resources to help ensure the product can be the right fit for you. To this end, all sales are final. If you believe your experience with BLUE-J requires a refund or reduced rate, please reach out to us directly at tech.mss@mahle.com.

2. Why doesn’t my VCI show up in the available VCI list?

BLUE-J is supports the MAHLE VCI1000 and SAE J2534 compliant VCIs only. The VCI list is read from the Windows Registry and specifically reads all the J2534 device drivers currently installed on the system. If your VCI is J2534 compliant, then please ensure you have installed the J2534 driver for that VCI. Contact your VCI manufacturer if you don’t have this driver install as this is manufacturer specific.

3. Can I update my VDS1000 (TechPRO v1) subscription to work with BLUE-J?

Yes. Current VDS1000 customers with an active subscription left on their device have the option during account creation to migrate your license from the VCI1000 device to the current computer as a BLUE-J license.

Note that this not reversable, once you transfer the license to a BLUE-J license you will not be able to go back to the VDS1000/TechPRO v1 software as the VCI’s license will be removed and software reflashed to work with BLUE-J.

4. How do I save customer pre- and post-scan reports?

The quickest method is to create customer reports is to click the “Customer Report” button, then “New Report”. Enter the customer data and then the appropriate pre or post scan report. This will generate a professional report with your shop information, customer info, all Mode 06 data, and vehicle wide DTCs.

To access all your reports, click the “Customer Report” button, then “Report Look-Up”. This will open a window to view all your previously generated customer reports that can then be opened for printing or emailing to a customer.

5. How do I record session data?

There are no special steps to record data. BLUE-J records all data automatically and stores those files locally for quick review.

6. What are the minimum hardware requirements to run the software?

To run the BLUE-J software:

  • OS Windows 7 SP1 32-bit minimum required, OS Windows 7 SP1 64-bit recommended. Note both 32 and 64-bit are supported but may be driver dependent.
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i3 processor or equivalent minimum required, CPU Intel® Core™ i5 processor or equivalent or better recommended. Must be an x86, no ARM-based processor.
  • RAM 4 GB minimum required, RAM 8 GB recommended.
  • Screen resolution 1280x800 minimum required, 1920,1200 recommended.
  • 1 GB SSD harddrive minimum required, 2 GB SSD recommended. About 500 MB required for software download.
  • DSL speeds are sufficient for account set up. No internet is needed after account login.
  • Standard mouse & keyboard are required at minimum. A touchscreen display is recommended.
  • Any device listed as a J2534 compliant is the minimum requirement, it is recommend to have a modern device with full vehicle protocol support.

7. What is the "Snapshot Replay"? How do I use it?

Snapshot Replay is a feature of the tool to allow you to view, playback, and analyze any vehicle sessions you have performed on that machine. Vehicle sessions defined as any data display, output control function, or DTC scan. Snapshot Replay offers the ability to see any vehicle data recorded at any time the user chooses. You can create custom graphs and set cursors to see data value differences throughout the entire stored session. The ability to quickly jump to stored bookmarked points in the data allow for an easier time to see vehicle conditions prior to an important event.

How to use:

  • There is no setup required to use Snapshot Replay. BLUE-J records all data at all times. The only option outside of the replay is for the Technician to determine where to initiate bookmarks during the data capture via the “Bookmark” button
  • To analyze the data of a previous session, got to Snapshot Replay, select the vehicle of interest, then select the stored playback file for the module or action you are interested in seeing. Next click “Data Review”
  • To view data at a specific time, move the slide bar at the bottom window to see that data at that point in time
  • A full graph of each data point is available in the “Graphical Data Display” section
  • To view multiple data points on the same graph you can double click the parameter or click the lock icon in the top right to “lock” that parameter. Once you lock all the data points of interest, you can click on the “Line Graph” and see all stored values on the same graph

8. Does BLUE-J perform any module programming?

MAHLE's BLUE-J software can reset adaptives, perform output controls and special function tests, but not full OE level programming of modules and/or calibrations.

9. How will I recieve new updates for the software?

We are continually adding content to the tool at no additional charge. All new content (software and coverage) is included for the duration of your subscription.

10. Is internet required to use the software?

No. Once a valid account and license established, the tool can be used completely offline without limitations. Internet is only required for the following scenarios:

1. New account creation

2. First time sign in to pull the license information

3. Bi-weekly for license and system update checks

11. What kind of training does the tool require?

The BLUE-J’s intuitive interface allows even novice technicians to begin using the tool with minimal training. It is suggested to read all the FAQs listed to ensure you are familiar with all the features/functions BLUE-J has to offer.

12. What makes BLUE-J the fastest tool on the market?

  • Real-time data streaming with full multi sensor graphing and recording capability
  • 1-click VIN decode
  • Automatic software and coverage updates
  • No scan tool down time for updates as software downloads in the background
  • Rapid packeted real-time streaming data, providing the OEM quality, fast refresh rate
  • Locally stored content so no internet connection is required to run diagnostics

13. Does the BLUE-J auto diagnostic tool work with all modules?

We offer full vehicle data/module support, not just generic OBD II coverage for covered vehicles.

14. What vehicles are covered by the scan tool?

You can check our vehicle coverage here.

15. Do I need a MAHLE VCI to run the BLUE-J software?

No, the BLUE-J auto diagnostics software is designed to be compatible with the most popular VCIs on the market, including:

  • Autel MaxiFlash Elite
  • Bosch/OTC
    • 6531
    • Evolve
    • MDI 1/2
    • VCM II
  • Chrysler/Mopar MicroPod
  • Denso ST-i
  • DG Tech VSI-2534
  • DrewTech
    • CarDAQ M
    • CarDAQ-Plus 2
    • CarDAQ Plus 3
    • Mongoose
  • Ease Diagnostic j2534 Pass-Thru Universal Vehicle Reprogrammer II
  • Ford VCM 2 & 3
  • GM MDI 1 & 2
  • Launch J-Box 3
  • MAHLE VCI1000
  • Snap-On Pass Thru Pro I / II / IV

*and any other J2534 compliant device.

16. How do I download BLUE-J?

The BLUE-J software can be downloaded directly onto a Windows J2534 device by going to the BLUE-J log in page.

17. What additional tools and equipment are needed to use the BLUE-J software?

The BLUE-J software is designed to work with your existing equipment. The software can be run on any Windows device with an existing J2534 VCI. See our minimum system requirements section for details on the computing device needed to run BLUE-J.

18. Will my subscription lock me into that specific software and content version available at time of purchase?

We are continually adding content to the tool at no additional charge. All new content (software and coverage) is included for the duration of your subscription.