EmissionPRO® 180—MAHLE’s complete emissions testing package

Reliable exhaust gas measurement for diesel and gasoline engines

  • Meets emissions testing guidelines in many countries (included AU 5.01 Level 2 for Germany)
  • Software separation of calibration and user interface
  • Modular design
  • Open PC solution
  • Integrated operating instructions
  • Possible to integrate diagnostics and guided troubleshooting
  • Intuitive software
  • Universal rpm measurement module with data transfer via USB or bluetooth
  • A powerful vehicle communication interface for reading the error memory and relevant parameters
  • A convenient rolling cart with printer, keyboard, mouse, 24-inch monitor, and computer
  • WIFI for printer and country-specific network integration (for example ASANetwork/AUEKPlus for Germany, DVSANet for UK, MCTCNET2 for Italy)


Link Download [PDF; 1694 KB]