ReportLogiq 2.0: Reporting Platform for Vehicle Testing and Diagnostics


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ReportLogiq adds a powerful capability to MAHLE's diagnostic tool chain by providing the ability to automatically retrieve diagnostic log files or session files from the runtime and make it available to service and engineering departments for analysis.

ReportLogiq is used today in service to collect diagnostics data from workshops and AC service log files from AC Machines.

Being MAHLE’s primary data aggregation and reporting tool, the ReportLogiq provides an ideal platform for receiving all the data collected and provides an ideal platform for data analytics. This tool also provides a medium for packaging data and sending it to the OEM.

  • Rich user interface, new look & feel and works across major browsers (IE, Chrome) - No dependency on Java Applets
  • Ability to view operational dashboard, notifications & customized reports
  • ETL process optimized with newer technologies
  • Able to apply standard data analysis tools (Power BI, SSRS)
  • Ability to export groups and share it across users their private reports
  • Ability to save filters for each report
  • Configurable alerts & notifications
  • Cross plant reports using analytics tool
  • Leverage latest Microsoft Business Analytics Tools such as Power BI along with SSRS / custom JS charts
  • True web based reporting application that is browser agnostic, including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Ability to create on demand customized reports using Power BI Desktop & seamless roll out
  • New look and feel
  • Ability to view & search cross plant data to identify issues across multiple platforms
  • Ease of on demand reports that can help with specific plant needs
  • Set up batch reports in the back end using SSIS and dispatch it via email

Product Type Cloud based system with responsive UI design

Devices Desktop and Tablets

Supported Web Browsers Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Chrome, or Firefox

Analytics Tools Power BI & SSRS

Support Multilingual